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Gaining a Better Perspective on Hospice Care

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Hospice care provides patients and their families with a slew of benefits. However, a lack of reliable information frequently prevents people from utilizing essential services, and because of this, many patients are deprived of months of meaningful care.

Knowing the impact it can have on someone’s precious remaining days, we at SERENITY ESTATE HOME CARE, a premier home health care in Bethesda, Maryland, find it imperative to improve public awareness of care services.

That said, here are common questions about end-of-life care, along with their respective answers:

  • What is End-Of-Life Care, Exactly?
    This type of care is for those approaching the end of their lives. Here, a team of healthcare specialists provides interventions that promote comfort for terminally ill patients by minimizing pain and addressing their needs.
  • When Should Hospice Start?
    End-of-life care is not exclusively for elderly patients. It is employed when a medical condition has advanced to a point where it can no longer be cured or controlled. Generally, it is an option when a patient’s life expectancy is six months or less if the illness runs its natural course.
  • How Does It Differ From Palliative Care?
    Palliative care services differ in that they center on the patient’s needs rather than their prognosis. They are suitable for all ages as well as stages of a serious illness and can be given alongside curative treatment.

Should you be interested in learning more about one’s remaining years, please let us know!

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