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Highly personalized care for individuals with chronic conditions

After a chronic illness diagnosis, a patient must undergo significant changes in their lifestyle if they wish to recover. SERENITY ESTATE HOME CARE understands how challenging the experience may get for you. Hence, you can take advantage of our innovative and timely approach to chronic care management, which includes education to help you develop a deep understanding of your condition. Our medical professionals provide personalized treatment to help you maintain your health, enhance your quality of life, and reduce your symptoms.

Our Chronic Care Management and Education service include the following benefits:

  • Improved delivery of care
  • Care Coordination
  • Round-the-clock care supervision from trusted professionals
  • 24/7 access to providers
  • Regular phone check-ins
  • Less cost

We realize how long-term care involves a significant portion of your budget. To help you with finances, we encourage you to check out the insurance plans we accept.

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