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How Can Hospice Care Help You?

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Ultimately, hospice care centers on providing support, comfort, and improved quality of life for patients. It is mainly intended for those nearing the end of their life due to a severe illness or medical condition.

This form of care is highly advantageous. Hence, conveying information about it is crucial. That is why we at SERENITY ESTATE HOME CARE, a leading home health care in Bethesda, Maryland, seek to raise the public’s knowledge of such services, one topic at a time.

In light of that, here are a few of the many components of hospice care and how they can help:

  • Pain and symptom control: 
    Hospice care teams are comprised of healthcare experts who are well-versed in handling pain and other symptoms of discomfort. They collaborate with patients and families to create individualized care plans that cover physical, emotional, and spiritual needs—encompassing higher levels of care, such as skilled nursing to simpler forms of care.
  • Emotional and psychological assistance: 
    Hospice care acknowledges the emotional and psychological turmoil that patients and their families may find themselves in. As a result, such services often include counseling, emotional support, and guidance to navigate the complicated emotions experienced at this time.
  • Support with activities of daily living:
    Hospice care can likewise help with routine tasks such as personal care. It guarantees that patients remain as comfortable and independent as possible throughout the final stages of life.

Please reach us anytime if you want to access other materials, such as palliative care or oncology care in Maryland.

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