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Wound Care Tips After a Major Surgery

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As a provider of skilled nursing services, we understand the importance of proper wound care after surgery. It is vital for you or your family caregiver to know what to do to take care of your wound so that it can heal fast and avoid infection.

Here are our expert post-surgery wound care tips:

  • Change your bandage every day.
    Sometimes, your doctor will provide specific instructions on when to change it. Make sure to wash your hands properly with soap and running water before and after changing the bandage.
  • Keep the wound clean.
    Use a gauze pad or a soft cloth to clean the skin around the wound. Soak the gauze or cloth in water with soap or in sterile water with salt. Then dab or wipe it on the skin gently. Avoid using alcohol, antibacterial soaps, and skin cleansers.
  • Some wounds need to be kept dry.
    During the first day post-surgery, do not take a bath. On the second day, you may be able to take a bath but this will depend on what type of surgery you had so be sure to consult with your doctor.

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