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Navigating Challenges with Feeding Elderly Patients

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Feeding challenges in seniors can arise due to a variety of aging-related changes. If this is something that you deal with daily in an aging loved one, SERENITY ESTATE HOME CARE, a reputable home health care in Bethesda, Maryland, might just have the answers you’re looking for!

Allow us to share with you some of the most common feeding challenges with the elderly, along with how to overcome them:

  • Chewing and Swallowing Difficulties
    It is common for seniors to experience difficulty chewing and swallowing, which may lead to choking and malnutrition if overlooked. It is advised to modify the texture of food to make it easier to chew and swallow to address these. Soft or pureed foods, as well as thickened liquids, might be necessary. Enlisting the aid of a caregiver in Maryland may be considered by family caregivers needing a hand with these.
  • Diminished or Total Loss of Appetite
    Eating difficulties often arise among seniors due to a decline in their sense of taste and smell. This, in turn, results in a decreased interest in food and a reduced appetite. An approach to alleviate these concerns involves offering smaller, nutrient-dense meals at more frequent intervals throughout the day. Additionally, caregivers may want to explore different flavors and seasonings to enhance food taste.
  • Digestive Issues
    Aging can lead to gastrointestinal issues that affect digestion and nutrient absorption. In such cases, it is best to consult a doctor or dietitian who can recommend dietary changes and meal plans that accommodate these issues.

Have any questions about these or our oncology care in Maryland? Let’s get in touch!

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